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Books & Videos

New book - Endgrain Designs & Repetitions. The Pattern Papers of John Depol. Baker-DePol, The Legacy Press, 2015 $25.00

The Ultimate Marbing Handbook--Diane Maurer-Mathison
Finally Reprinted. A guide to basic Marbled Patterns
$65.00, 2 or more $60.00 each

The Pocket Paper Engineer, Carol Barton
Vol I $25.00
Vol II $25.00
Vol III $25.00
Card sets for each volume $10.
These are copies of the patterns in each book so you can keep the book intact.

Thread Loves Paper, Emily Marks - Contempory Artist Books $20.00

DVD - Hand-Made Books
Features the work of Shepherd's traditional English bookbinders. Nine easy to follow exercises. $22.00

500 Handmade Books, Inspiring Interpretations of a Timeless Form. $24.95

Bookbinding, Its Background and Technique, Volumes 1 & 2 Edith Diehl $21.95

Suminagashi, An Introduction to Japanese Marbling Don Guyot. $12.95

How to Make Handmade Books If You Think You Can't, Patricia Grass $15.95

Japanese Bookbinding from a Master Craftsman, Kojiro Ikegami $34.95

The Process of Marbling Paper, Morris Kantrowitz $2.50

Cover to Cover, Shereen LaPlantz. $16.95

The Art & Craft of Handmade Books, Shereen LaPlantz $17.95

Basic Bookbinding, A W Lewis $5.95

Art of Marbling Bright Colors, Sue Zajac $9.95

Traditional Marbling, Iris Nevins $12.95

105 Helpful Hints for the Marbler, Iris Nevins $12.95

The Magic of Marbling DVD, Mimi & Patty Schleicher $25.00

Hand Bookbinding A Manual of Instruction, Aldren Watson $10.95

Books, Boxes and Portfolios, Franz Zeier $39.95

By His Own Labor - The Biography of Dard Hunter, Cathleen Baker $49.95

Varieties of Spanish Marbling, this book contains 12 original marbled samples. $80.00.

Non Adhesive Binding, Keith Smith
Volume I

Books without Paste or Glue, Keith Smith $30.00

Volume II

1,2,3 Section Sewings, Keith Smith $30.00

Volume III

Exposed Spine Sewing, Keith Smith $30.00

Volume IV

Sewing Single Sheets, Keith Smith $30.00

Volume V
Quick Leather Bindings, Keith Smith $30.00

Structure of the Visual Book, New Edition Keith Smith $35.00

Bookbinding for the Book Artist, Fred Jordan and Keith Smith $35.00

The Thread that Binds by Pamela Train Leutz.
Interviews with private practice Bookbinders. Hardcover...$49.00, Paperback...$34.95. 

Fabric Marbling, Iris Nevins $12.95 

Traditional Marbling, Iris Nevins, $12.95.

105 Helpful Marbling Hints, Iris Nevins, $12.95.

The Craft of Bookbinding, Manly Banister $10.95 

Creative Bookbinding, Pauline Johnson $16.95

Bookbinding-The Classic Arts and Crafts Manual, Douglas Cockerell $14.95

Bookbinding & Conservation by Don Etherington $44.95

Techniques for Marbleizing Paper, Gabriele Grunebaum $3.50

How to Marbleize Paper, Gabriele Grunebaum $3.95