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Paper Marbling Links

Society of Marblers

Paper marbling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The simplest form, and possibly the oldest, is made in Japan and is known as suminagashi.

Shaving Cream Marbling - Easy Marbling TechniquesUnit: Paper Marbling Project: Shaving Cream Marbling Age

Paint Marbled Paper Using Shaving Cream: 8 steps, WikiHow article about How to Paint Marbled Paper Using Shaving Cream.

Paint Marbled Paper Using Shaving Cream | eHow.comHow to Paint Marbled Paper Using Shaving Cream.

Paper marbling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Paper marbling is a method of aqueous surface design, which can produce patterns similar to marble.
Procedure - History in Asia

How To: Paper Marbling | State of the Arts, Minnesota Public Radio,... A step-by-step walkthrough of the art of paper marbling.

Paper Marbling, is an ancient craft that originated in France, Italy and England over five hundred years ago.

Oriental Suminagashi Links

Suminagashi - Everything you wanted to know about Suminagashi, the ancient art of ... using Japanese suminagashi inks, ...

Suminagashi Paper and more creative crafts projects, templates ...A technique that originated in Japan more than 800 years ago.

How to do Suminagashi - Similar to marbling, suminagashi gives a more free form appearance. Suminagashi utilizes the surface tension of the water and ink.

Exposition - Suminagashi is the Japanese traditional art of Marbling which have over 8oo years history.

Brief History of Marbling and Ebru. Many sources will cite "suminagashi" as the first marbling technique in history; however...

Hand Book Binding Links

Hand Bookbinding for Beginners Techniques for Beginners, goal is to teach hand bookbinding techniques that will help the amateur bookbinder construct hardcover books.

Hand Bookbindings: Plain and Simple to Grand and Glorious The craft and art of binding books by hand was vividly chronicled in an exhibition at Princeton University's Firestone Library. Entitled "Hand Bookbindings: ...

Steps to Hand Book Binding - Marcia Engeltjes' process | Custom ...An inside look to Hand Book Binding - Marcia Engeltjes' process... PERSONALIZE iT! Paintings · - Pop Portraits · - Traditional Portraits · - Abstracts ...

Hand Bookbinders of California The HBC was started in 1972 for those with interest in creating and collecting fine bindings. The group offers workshops, lectures, social activities and ...

The Book Arts Web Reference site for all the book arts with tutorials, links, publications, galleries. Home page of the Book_Arts-L listserv.

Chicago Hand Bookbinders. It can draw from the wealth of stunning CHB works from the past and introduce dramatic contemporary works from today's hand bookbinders.

Paper Marbling Videos

Decorative sheets - Producer Jim Kirchherr discovers the rare art of paper marbling—an old-fashioned way of making decorative sheets for the inside covers of books, 8 mi

Ebru,'The Art of Paper Marbling, 9 min
The procedure for making marbled paper

Paper Marbling With Chalk Quick Tutorial on how to create "marbled" paper using chalk and water.

Turkish Islamic art of Marbling The word marbling is in Turkish EBRU (cloud, cloudy) or abru (Waterface)

ebru sanati

Hand Marbled Italian Paper - Paper-Royal Atelier
7:15 min In 1610 the bookbinder Macé Ruette introduced in Paris this method of work by himself discovered, later he was known by the British bindery in 1625.

Acrylic gel nail art: water marble nail polish tutorial.

Oriental Suminagashi Videos

Life in the Arts - Suminagashi Japanese Paper Marbling, 29:30 min This lesson in Suminagashi- Japanese paper marbeling will introduce basic paper marbling techniques using waterbased inks.

Martha Stewart Marbling - Video of Martha Steward Showing How to Make Marbelized Easter Eggs. Suminagashi - Tutorial with Kay Thomas

Hand Book Binding Videos

Lots of Videos on hand book binding

Perfect Binding - A Video from a bookbinding workshop.

Best Book Binding Video 4 min
Here's a way to book bind lots and lots of pages fast and easy. The cheap way of book binding are always thin, but in this method, you can make it VERY THICK!

The Art Of Bookbinding - CBS News video: Correspondent Rita Braver visits some artisans who are taking a new look at the ancient art of bookbinding.

Poppytalk: the funniest bookbinding video Janine from uppercase posted about this very funny bookbinding video on her blog recently. ... Great, now I want bookbinding!!