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Phone: 360 459-2940
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Oriental Suminagashi
Suminagashi is an oriental method of decorating paper which is similar to western paper marbling. One floats ink on unthickened water and then urges the spots of color into concentric bands using a spreading agent. The bands of color thus made are teased into images using either hairstylus, a breath of air, or a hand-held fan. Finally, the image is transferred onto an absorbent paper and allowed to dry. Sumnigashi is ideal for individuals interested in decorating paper or silk but who have a limited amount of time and space to devote to it. Excepting the spreading agent (Sumifactant) which was developed by Don Guyot to simulate the oriental product, and a few obviously domestic items, all of the items offered here are imported from the Orient and are of the highest quality obtainable for the price asked.

The Colophon Kit for Making Suminagashi Papers
Two kits are available with the equipment and materials needed to practice suminagashi. Field-tested over the course of the past several years. The kit is ready for those people interested in experiencing the excitement of a craft, which until recently, was enjoyed by only a few. Packed in a reusable storage box.

Kit One-Suminagashi Traditional
1 Vat 1 Ink stone for grinding colors
1 Black ink stick, 1 indigo ink stick
1 box of deep red chips
2 oz. bottle of Sumifactant
4 Lotus bowls for holding the inks and Sumifactant
1 eyedropper
4 Japanese sumi brushes #1 (Traditional)
1 Brush mat to store brushes
1 Folding fan
1 Pad of rice paper (12"x18")
1 stick for lifting the finished
2 Davey book boards to support wet papers
1 Suminagashi by Don Guyot. 24 pp booklet
Traditional Kit $172.00

Marbling Colors (Boku Undo) for Suminagashi
This "marbling set" enables anyone to enjoy the endless variation of marbling using ordinary household utensils. Place marbling inks on the surface of the water and transfer the pattern on the water surface to a desired material such as paper or cloth" Boku Undo Introductory Set Six (6) colors some in 12 ml plastic applicator bottles. Comes with English and Japanese instructions.
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black
6 colors 12 ml $14.00 Boku Undo Liquid Colors
Available in 70 ml size.
Red,Yellow , Blue, Black
Boku Undo 70ml $8.00

Brush Mats
Made of bamboo, to protect the brush and most importantly the tip from ruin.
Brush Mats $7.00

Brushes (Fude) #1 Traditional
Sumi brushes take a keen point and are the best implement to use for suminagashi, Color can be controlled if the brush is long-bristled and capable of keeping a point when fully charged with ink or spreading liquid (surfactant). Highest quality made by combining two kinds of animal hair for ink retention and stability of point. Sent with instructions for care. Imported from Japan.
Fude Brush #1 $28.00

Brushes (Fude) #2 Generic
Has similar characteristics to the Traditional brush #1, but with one type of hair. It is less expensive. Great for the beginner or student.
Fude Brush #2 $4.00

Brushes (Fude) #3... Has Simular characteristics to the traditional brush and uses 2 types of animal hair. For ink retention and stability of point, the quality of this brush is between the Fude #1 and Fude#2. $9.00

Chinese Watercolor Chips

Chips of watercolor can be reconstituted in water. Add a little Sumifactant and you have a useful alternative to grinding sumi sticks. Instructons included. Imported from China.
Brick Red (deep red) $8.00
Crimson $8.00
Rouge $8.00
S.Blue $8.00
Indigo $20.00

Davey Board
for supporting wet Suminagashi Sheets This board has been lightly varnished to provide a useful support for the wet sheets of suminagashi just removed from the vat. Varnishing reduces the board¹s absorbency and decreases warping.
Shipped UPS as half sheets in a carton for protection.
#18, approx. 1/8" (.082")  (20.625"x30")
#25, approx. 3/32"(.070")  (20.625"x30)
Minimum order is 10 half sheets, mix or match.
#18 Half Sheet $3.00
#18 Full Sheet $6.00
#25 Half Sheet $2.20
#25 Full Sheet $4.40
Box Charge $7.50

Ink Stones (Suzuri)
This tool provides the traditional surface for grinding the ink sticks into usable ink fluid. Made in Japan from natural slate, it has an inkwell hand cut into one end and a grinding area hand-cut into the other. Come with instructions for care. Size 3"x5"
Suzuri $11.50

Lotus Bowls
These small, 3-1/2" porcelain bowls have fluted rims mimicking the lotus blossom. They hold ink used for suminagashi and the flutes provide a good means of pointing the brush once charged with ink. The rim makes a good brush rest, too.
Lotus Bowl $3.50

Kit Two
Suminagashi Boku Undo
Everything needed to practice suminagashi
1 Vat
1 box of Boku Undo colors (set of 6)
2 oz. bottle of Sumifactant
7 Lotus bowls for holding the Inks and Sumifactant
7 Sumi brushes #2 (Generic)
1 Brush mat to store brushes
1 Folding fan
1 Pad of rice paper (12"x18")
1 stick for lifting the finished
2 Davey bookboards for supporting wet papers
1 Suminagashi by Don Guyot, 24 pg booklet
Boku Undo Kit $136.00

Ink Sticks
Sumi sticks provide colors by grinding them on an ink stone with a little sumifactant and water applied with sumi brushes. Sumi sticks vary greatly in quality depending on their source of pigment and on the binder. A relatively high quality of stick is required for good results in suminagashi because the pigment film is so thin. Care instructions included.
Black/White $13.50
Indigo $15.00
Red Ochre $12.00
Chrome Yellow $12.00
Ultramarine Blue $18.00
Forest Green $15.00
Wine Red $30.00
Sapphire Blue $18.00
Silver $44.00
Purple $22.00

The paper is ideal for beginners because of its absorbency and strength from tearing when withdrawing it from the vat.
12"x18" pad (48 sheets) Washi #1 $13.95
12"x18" pad (48 sheets) Washi #2 $16.00
(#2 is more coherent when wet)

Paper (Torchglow)
Per Sheet $0.25

Shikishi Paper
Practice Pad $5.00     

15 sheets, 9 1/2" X 10 3/4" $8.00

Shuji Gami
Paper Pad $14.00               

Kozo Plain Paper
Roll 18" x 30' $14.00


Used in suminagashi to make the inks float.When applied full strength to the ink circles it makes them spread into bands. Not animal based and will not foul the vat. Instructions included. Shelf life indefinite when tightly capped.
2 oz $8.00
16 oz (Bulk) $52.00


"Suminagashi-An introduction to Japanese Paper Marbling" by Don Guyot. 24 page book,
Guyot Book $12.95

Vat (Fune)

High impact plastic vat fits the paper offered in the catalog. And has no skimming trough. Use in Western paper marbling.
19-3/4"x20-1/2¹" White plastic
Vat Fune $50.00

Workshops in Suminagashi
Classes are conducted in the studio of Nancy Morains in Lacey, Washington. We cover a more traditional method using watercolor ink sticks and ink chips and how to prepare these inks. Then we also explore a more modern method using the liquid "Boku Undo" colors. These classes are kept small and are for beginning students.

A folding fan made of wood and paper used to create a current of air across the image on the water's surface to break up the concentric bands into jagged lines. Assorted colors.
Fan $1.10