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Hand Bookbinding Sundries and Supplies
Many, many people have found enjoyment binding books by hand. Perhaps it is simply because the more one learns about the craft, the more he or she wants to learn. The supplies offered here have been chosen for quality and usefulness. 

Applicator Bottles for Color
For marblers who wish more control (or less mess) in applying color to the marbling bath. A four (4) ounce plastic bottle with a re-sealable snout-type cap and a glass marble. Shake bottle during application to keep pigment mixed. 4 oz capacity $1.10

Atomizers, Mouth
Used to apply Spirits of Soap or color to the marbling bath when a fine mist is required. May also be used to apply protective coatings (fixatives) to the completed sheets. Instructions included. Safety Note: Take care not to inhale the misted materials, as some of them may contain toxic solvents.
Atomizer Mouth $4.50

Combs: Nonparell Bottom Comb
The bottom comb has "teeth" that drag along the bottom of the tank, thus creating a different nonpareil look. These have been used in marbling for centurys. These combs are made by a reed maker who puts his creative talent into each comb. I must thank Dan & Regina St. John at Chena River Marblers for all their time in findling such a talented reed maker. I have combs for either direction for small or large tanks. Other lengths or spacing can be special ordered.
1/4" combs for Large tanks:
25.5" long - $85.00
20" long - $75.00
!/4" Combs for small tanks:
18.75" long - $65.00
14.63" long - $55.00

Combs: Type 2 Comb for Bouquet/Peacock Pattern
Following a design published in Diderot Encyclopedia (1789), the comb features 2 sets of offset teeth which intersect each other when the entire comb is moved in a gentle "S" motion along the long axis of the tank. Teeth are solid brass pins.
Large 23" for LargeTank
Large Type 2 $28.00
Small 17-7/8" for Small Tank
Small Type 2 $23.00

Useful for dispensing drops of liquid (color, oxgall, sumifactant) with precision. The glass can be cleaned with a pipe cleaner.
One $0.90
6 or more $0.70

Marbling Tanks - Colophon
The Colophon Marbling Tank is a vacuum formed high impact ABS plastic. The Tanks are designed with a self-draining "slop trough" to receive the skimmed size and comes with a cover/rinse board and skimmer. Sizes are inside measurements
Large Tank 20-1/4" x 25-1/2" Capacity: 2-1/2 gallons
Large Tank $90.00
Small Tank 15" x 19" Capacity: 2 gallons
Small Tank $70.00

Plastic tube with a bulb at one end to hold colors.
Pipette $0.25
BakerĀ¹s Dozen $3.00

Used for the initial manipulation of the color on the size, our rakes are wood with brass teeth, spaced at 3-inch intervals.
Large 32" for Large Tank
Large Rake $11.00
Small 26" for Small Tank
Small Rake $10.50

Straight Pin with Attached Clip
To display artwork without making a hole in the paper. The sharp pin (1") goes into backing board and the attached clip (1/4") holds the paper in place.
Box of 50 $28.00
Box of 25 $14.00

A steel needle held firmly in a plastic handle. Used in freestyle marbling.
Each $0.80
6 or more each $0.60