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Nancy Morains
Phone: 360 459-2940
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Lacey, WA 98503

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Hand Bookbinding Sundries and Supplies
Many, many people have found enjoyment binding books by hand. Perhaps it is simply because the more one learns about the craft, the more he or she wants to learn. The supplies offered here have been chosen for quality and usefulness. 

Broom Corn
For marblers who wish to make whisks for applying color. Length may occasionally vary. Supplied with instructions. 1/2 lb of broomcorn can make 8-12 whisks.
1/2 lb $7.00
1 lb $10.00

Book Board - Davey Board Red Label
Acid Neutral, with a PH of 7 - 8
#18, (.082")  (20.625"x30")
#18 Half Sheet $3.00
#18 Full Sheet $6.00
Box Charge $10.00
Shipped UPS as half sheets in a carton for protection. Minimum order is 10 half sheets, mix or match boards.

Book Board - Eska Graphic Board
.059" caliper, Laminated Low Density Board
Half Sheets….19" x 26" $1.75
Full sheets…..38" X 26" $3.50
Box Charge $10.00
Shipped UPS as half sheets in a carton for protection. Minimum order is 10 half sheets, mix or match boards.


Hahnemühle Ingress  18.75"x24.75"
1-24 sheets $1.40
25-50 sheets $1.30
over 50 sheets $1.25
Black paper add $.20 a sheet

Linen Paper   17.5"x23"
70 lb text weight, per Sheet  $0.60
80 lb cover weight, per Sheet  $0.95

Text Weight 70# paper 23"x17" $1.20
availabe in black. brown, & dark green

Handmade Archival "Daphne" Plain, non-colored from Nepal 20"x30" medium weight $5.00
5 or more sheets $4.50

Handmade Lokta paper from Napal 20"x30"
light weight $4.00
5 or more sheets $3.50

Torchglow 17.5x23" 8 colors available
Per Sheet $0.25

Frisket Film
Used for blocking out or resisting areas on the paper that one wishes left unmarbled.
Small Roll (12" x 4 yard) $20.00
Package of 12 (9" x 12" sheets) $18.00

Protective Barrier Cream
Paper marblers are exposed to the harmful metals in the colors. This highly recommended cream contains lanolin and provides adequate protection against absorbing these chemicals through the skin. OSHA approved.
Barrier Cream $5.00

Paper Sample Book Colophon carry papers for Marbling. Due to changes in the manufacturing of paper, the brand of papers may change often. Please call for a paper sample book of available papers. Marbling Tray and Accessories Brochure.

Workshops in Western Marbling
These classes are conducted in the studio of Nancy Morains in Lacey, Washington. They are small classes limited to no more than 2 students. It lasts a full day and covers preparation of alum, size, paper, inks and brushes. We spend most of the time in the tank and cover many patterns, problems and the history of marbling.
You can call or write to inquire about classes. A class will be arranged to fit your schedule.