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Hand Bookbinding Sundries and Supplies
Many, many people have found enjoyment binding books by hand. Perhaps it is simply because the more one learns about the craft, the more he or she wants to learn. The supplies offered here have been chosen for quality and usefulness. 

Alum (Aluminum Sulfate)
Marblers use alum as a mordant to hold their inks to the paper. Safety Note: Protect the skin using rubber gloves or an adequate barrier cream. Can cause skin irritation or dermatitis.
1 lb $5.00
5+ lbs (Bulk) $17.50
25 lbs (Bulk) $80.00


(Size-Irish Moss) This is a food product that is the dried extract from Irish moss, not the moss plant itself. It is mixed in a blender and requires no boiling or straining. One pound will make approximately 27 gallons of size. In powdered form, the shelf life is about four (4) years if kept tightly sealed.
1/2 lb $35.00
1 lb $70.00
5 lbs (Bulk) $280.00

Colophon Marbling Colors
Water Based
Stone ground in water these pigments are concentrated in 4 oz jars with instructions for mixing with oxgall. Colors denoted with an asterisk (*) are transparent and should be used as tints. Shelf life is indefinite, but varies by pigment, unless allowed to dry out.

Colophon Water Based Marbling Colors
Each color sold in 4 oz bottle
BASIC SET $58.00
Burnt Umber
Chrome Green
Titanium White
Cobalt Blue
Cad Yellow
Deep Red

GROUP 1 $6.50 ea
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Chrome Green
Russet, Titanium White
Van Dyke Brown

GROUP 2 $9.50 ea
Cobalt Blue
Forest Green
Steel Grey
Terre Verte
Titanium Yellow
Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine Violet
Yellow Ochre
Prussian Blue
Note: Prussian Blue is sensitive to cold weather and is shipped weather permitting It may not work satisfactorily in areas where the water is "hard". Use spring water or soft water instead.

GROUP 3 $10.50 ea
Cadmium Red
Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Yellow
Chrome Green Light
Deep Red,
Ultramarine Pink

Color Wheels Valuable to anyone interested in color relationships. One side relates traditional color theory while the other shows a method of obtaining a desired shade by mixing colors.
5.125" diameter $4.25
9.25" diameter $6.50
Watercolor Wheel 9.25" diameter $8.60

Kodak Photo-Flo 200

Used as a color spreader in acrylic marbling.
2 oz bottle with eyedropper lid $4.50
16 oz bottle $13.50


Bovine gall, collected, prepared and aged at least 9 months. Preserved in alcohol. Instructions included. Shelf life is indefinite. It actually improves with age. Keep tightly capped.
2 oz bottle $5.00
Pint bottle $28.50

Protective Barrier Cream

Paper marblers are exposed to the harmful metals in the colors. This highly recommended cream contains lanolin and provides adequate protection against absorbing these chemicals through the skin. OSHA approved.
Barrier Cream $5.00

Spirits of Soap

Used to produce both finely veined and Italian marbles. May be applied either with an atomizer or with a whisk. Safety note: Avoid inhaling the vapors when applying material with an atomizer.
2 oz bottle $6.00
Pint bottle $28.50

Soap - Master's
I have been using Master's Hand Soap for over 18 years to remove paint from my hands
1.5 oz bar $2.50
4.5 oz bar $4.50

Workshops in Western Marbling
These classes are conducted in the studio of Nancy Morains in Lacey, Washington. They are small classes limited to no more than 2 students. It lasts a full day and covers preparation of alum, size, paper, inks and brushes. We spend most of the time in the tank and cover many patterns, problems and the history of marbling.
You can call or write to inquire about classes. A class will be arranged to fit your schedule.