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Hand Bookbinding Sundries and Supplies
Many, many people have found enjoyment binding books by hand. Perhaps it is simply because the more one learns about the craft, the more he or she wants to learn. The supplies offered here have been chosen for quality and usefulness. 

Awl for Marking
Its large point makes this the perfect awl for making holes in book board when lacing lacing-in cords. Overall length- 5-1/2" and the shank measures 2-1/2".
Awl, Marking $8.50

Awl for Piercing Its small point makes this awl ideal for making holes for side sewn bindings. Overall length- 3-3/4" and the shank measures 1-1/4".
Awl, Piercing $8.00


Study awl made from a solid piece of iron $20.00
Solid metal awl, very fine point $8.00
Wooden handle, metal shaft $8.00
Wooden handle, thinner shaft $4.00

Black Telfon Coated Awl
one piece - very thin shaft $13.00"

Bone Folders
Two shapes are available: One shape is pointed on one end and rounded on the other, the other shape is rounded on both ends. Can be reshaped with a file or by sanding. Please specify length and shape when ordering. 
Mini folder $4.50
Small bone 6" $6.00
Large bone 8" $7.00
5" Bone separating tool $6.00  
Creasing/scoring tool $5.00  
Point turner tool $5.00
Click image to enlarge.

Bone Folders
Micro Bone Folder $4.00
5" Tapered Bone Folder $8.00
7" tapered Bone Folder #10.00
click image to enlarge

Ebony Folders
These Ebony Folders are hand shaped using Gabon Ebony from Africa and inlaid with Mother of Pearl. Randy Arnold also handcrafts the boxes from locally gathered spalted Oak. Both folders and boxes are one-of-a-kind. $85.00. (see photo gifts page)

Teflon PTFE Folders
Teflon like material, low friction, non stick and slides on paper or japanese bookcloth without leaving a mark.
Small $20.00 5-1/4"x5/8"x1/4"
Large $23.00 6-1/4" x 3/4" x 3/8"
Square Teflon Folder $21.00 2" x 2 1/2"
Teflon T-Rib $30.00
Large delamination tool $48.00
Burnisher 6"x1/4" round $9.00
Teflon lifter $48.00
Click image to enlarge.

Square - $21.00
Rib - $30.00
Thin Lifter .062 - $6.50
Good for getting glue in tight spots.
Click image to enlarge.

Mini Teflon PTFE Folder
3 1/2 x3/4 x 1/4" thick $18.00

Fiskar Scissor Sharpeners
A convenient at-home sharpener.
Mini is $4.00, Large is $11.00

Fiskar Manual Craft Drill Contoured handle reduces fatigue, increases comfort. Comes with four bits: 3/32'', 5/32'', 1/8'', 3/16''.
Craft Drill $17.00

Fiskar Hand Punches
Punches paper, thin metal and thin leather. Soft grip handle reduces hand fatigue and comfort-molded handles. Built-in confetti catcher. 1/8" circle $6.50
1/16" circle $6.50

Japanese Hole Punch
Ideal for placing "burless" holes accurately when doing paper-case structures, exposed stitching and tacketing. Assortment of 10 bits range from 1.0 to 5.0 mm in diameter. Replacement bits sold separately. Imported from Japan.
Punch w/9 bits $90.00, Punch w/7 bits $80.00
Punch only (no Bits) $35.00
Replacement Bits…$8.00. The sizes are 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0.

NEW Japanese Hole Punch Box Kit
Make your own box for your hole punch and bits. $35.

Fettling knife
Soft (a little more flex) or hard $6.00

French "Style" Paring knife
Made in England, carbon steel blade and Beech handle, suitable for both left and right handed users. $36.00

Paring Knife
-English Made of sheffield steel, specify left or right edge when ordering. Paring Knife $18.00 

R. Murphy Knife Blades (Tim Ely's "shirt cutter" knife)

Brass Handle discontinued
Blade Sizes 1/2" by 6", 8", & 9" $10.00 each

Scalpel Blades
Nothing does better than a scalpel when a precision cut is required. We offer two shapes in two sizes to fit the two standard sizes of handles. #10 & 11 for Sm Handle. #23 & 25 for Large Handle.
Single Blades $0.75 

Scalpel Handles-Standard
The difference is the size of the lug on the handle that holds the blade. Small (10,11) $7.00
Large (23, 25) $7.00

Scalpel/Chisel Handles-Miniature Round
Miniature Scalpel Handle 10 cm length. $28.00
Scalpel blades #6700 $1.00 ea
Chisel blades #6200 $1.00 ea

8" - both end's rounded $4.00
7" - one end rounded, one tabored & straight $4.75
6" - lab pure coated spatula - one end flat, one end curved $20.00

Stylus Sharpened needle mounted in a plastic handle
Useful for pre-punching holes in signatures and for scoring repair tissue. Used in place of a bodkin if you do not have one. Inexpensive and yet practical Stylus 
One $0.80
6 or more $0.60 each

NEW Nevanon 3" Scissors, Stainless Steel with Special Coating. $35.

Fiskar Scissors
Small micro-tip for precise cutting in tight areas. Non-stick Diama Edge finish or regular finish.
5" Reg Finish $14.00
5" Diama Edge $14.00
8" Non-stick $16.00

Shears - Micro-Serrated 8 1/2" scissors, soft-touch inserts for a comfortable non-slip grip. Micro-serrated bottom blade provides maximum control in cutting. $20.00

Fiskars Bent Handle 8" Scissors. Keeps product flat on the table while cutting. Right handed $15.00,   Left Handed $15.00.

X-Acto #1 knife w/5 #11 Blades - $9.00
#11 Blades - 5 pack $4.00

Olfa Cutters
Pro 18mm heavy Duty Snap-off Knife $12.00
Pro 9mm silver cutter, stainless steel $10.00

Olfa Blades
9mm Snap-off Blades, 10 bades $6.00
18mm Snap-off Blades, 10 bades $8.00
NEW Black Carbon Steel Blades -25% Sharper
9mm Snap-off Blades, 10 bades $7.50
18mm Snap-off Blades, 10 bades $10.50

Olfa Circle Cutter  Cuts circles from 1" to 8".  Clear base lets you see exactly where your cut is positioned. Option to use needle point or a gripper foot (for a circle without a pinhole). $14.00
Extra blade set  $4.75

Ceramic Blade Precision Cutter (green) $8.00